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Project final report and results

We have just submitted the Final Scientific Report to the donor. For a lighter version with the summary of results, please visit our Results’ page.


Final project workshop – collecting feedback and celebrating our achievements

On the 27th of May, we met one last time altogether to celebrate the end of the OPAL project. We collected individual feedback and enjoyed a personalized chocolate with the OPAL logo on it. Below are the individual and spontaneous feedback that was collected during the workshop using the Mural App :


OPAL Project: Shaping pathways toward sustainable palm oil production

How is oil palm perceived in Switzerland? And what did OPAL do in Switzerland? Read the story here: https://forestsnews.cifor.org/72845/the-opal-project-shaping-pathways-toward-sustainable-palm-oil-production?fnl=


Palm Oil Science: Webinar Series and Journalism Fellowship

Read more here: Palm Oil Science Webinar Series and Journalism Fellowship


Navigating conflicts in La Cuenca: Watershed stakeholders use game theory to sustainably share water

How is OPAL and WWF Colombia engaging with stakeholders in Colombia? Read the story here: https://forestsnews.cifor.org/72106/navigating-conflicts-in-la-cuenca?fnl=en


On the road to sustainable palm oil production in Cameroon: A participatory role-playing game shows the advantages of multi-player collaboration

How is OPAL in Cameroon influencing decision makers? Read the story here: https://forestsnews.cifor.org/71988/on-the-road-to-sustainable-palm-oil-production-in-cameroon?fnl=en


The oil palm issue in the vote of the Free Trade Agreement between EFTA countries and Indonesia (Switzerland, 7 March 2021)

Deutsche Version runterladen. Télécharger la version française. The OPAL* project has been working for the last six years with oil palm smallholders, companies, conservation organisations, district officials, and government ministers of oil palm growing countries. In view of the upcoming vote in Switzerland, we would like to present below our point of view with regards […]


Bird and orchid sanctuary in Papua showcases the rich biodiversity of Indonesia

Read the story here: https://forestsnews.cifor.org/70824/bird-and-orchid-sanctuary-in-papua-showcases-the-rich-biodiversity-of-indonesia?fnl=en


Podcast on the ComMODO game (in Bahasa Indonesia)

In this podcast in the local language, Nur Hasanah (ETH Zurich) and Heru Komarudin (CIFOR) explain how the role-playing game ComMODO provides insight into community interactions with land management decisions and livelihood sustainability. Listen and read the story here (in Bahasa Indonesia): https://forestsnews.cifor.org/70720/commodo-permainan-strategi-kelola-lahan-untuk-keberlanjutan-ekosistem?fnl=id


Gaming Indonesia’s next move

This article summarizes the work of OPAL in Indonesia. Read the story here: https://forestsnews.cifor.org/68573/gaming-indonesias-next-move?fnl=en


The OPAL Project was funded by:
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Oil Palm Adaptive Landscapes (OPAL)
c/o Prof. Jaboury Ghazoul
Chair of Ecosystem Management
Department of Environmental System Sciences
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